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discover Haute Lozère and Margeride

If there is a place where nature still retains its authenticity it is in Margeride that you will find it. Go on foot, by bike, on horseback to get a breath of fresh air and recharge your batteries. Our many partners and sites of visits are all at your disposal to take you further to discover the Lozère.

Chapelle St Roch Le Lit Magnole
Fontaine de Servière Le Lit Magnole
Balisage_GR65 Gîte  Le Lit Magnole
Paysage de La Margeride

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Sports / or family activities

- Hikes on the Margeride and Aubrac trails (Chemin de Compostela for example!!?)

- Horse riding at the St Chely d'Apcher equestrian center

- Fishing: Between the truyère and the numerous watercourses of the Margeride

- Mountain bike set off on marked trails;

- MTB bike rental in St Chely d’Apcher

- Swimming: St Chély d’Apcher swimming pool

- Organic body of water in Saugues

- Lake Naussac (50 min) Rondin Park

        Adventure course in the trees



- Parc du Vallon du Villaret 1 hour (theme park in the middle of the forest for children and adults)

Saugues lake Gîte Le Lit Magnole

Culture and discovery

- Scenovision of St Alban sur Limagnole

- Metallurgy Museum of St Chély d'Apcher

- Museum of the Beast of Gévaudan in Saugues (25 min)

- Château de la Baume

- European Bison Park in St Eulalie (15 min)

- Garabit Viaduct (20 min)

Garabit Gîte Le Lit Magnole


-La Chaldette thermal spa (40 min)

- Spa in Aubrac Mazeirac Rimeize  (25 mins

Well-being Gîte Le Lit Magnole


- Restaurant Du Haut Allier in Alleyras 50min (1 star)

- Relais Restaurant and Château Serge Viera in Chaudes Aigues (45 min)

- Saugues market on Friday morning

- St Chély d'Apcher market on Thursday morning

Gastronomy. Stopover gîte Le Lit Magnole

Other Villages to see

- Aumont Aubrac

- Rimeize

- Le Malzieu

- The Domaine du Sauvage

Domaine du Sauvage Le Lit Magnole.jpg
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